Megg is an avid photographer.  Landscapes, birds, horses and wildlife are her main subjects of interests.  She currently lives on the central coast of California and is never at a loss for things to photograph.  She also travels extensively, ever in search of new and interesting subjects.  Her digital photography background started after moving from Las Vegas to California where she took her first digital photography workshop with George Lepp in 1999.  Digital was just getting started then;  still being scoffed at by “real” photographers and considered a fad that would soon pass.  It was also the beginning of a whole new world for Megg as a photographer.  Never known for patience (hated waiting for the lab to print proofs), Megg was enamored with the “instant gratification” that digital provided.  Being able to shoot and see right then and there is what convinced her to continue her quest for excellence with a camera.  The digital world has grown exponentially since then and she continues to attend workshops, read journals and listen to fellow photographers in an effort to hone her craft.  It is a “moving feast” that requires diligence, energy and enthusiasm.  Megg will forever be grateful to the many people who have encouraged her along the way.